Female Piercings, nipples, flesh tunnels

safe, professional and hygenic body piercing

Every piercing procedure is carried out to the highest standards of hygiene and precision

hygene and precision

Piercing hygene unit

We carry out each and every procedure to the highest standards of hygiene and precision and welcome all questions that you may have. The studio purpose built and furnished with the best modern equipment including a state-of-the-art, three stage decontamination and sterilisation suite.

All piercing is carried out using a high grade titanium usually G23 or nickel negative implantium, all manufactured in the EU and exceeding the EU nickel directive.

your piercing

Our approach to every client is to meet there individual needs in a friendly and professional manner, in-order to make their body piercing experience a safe and enjoyable one.

We will always be happy to give an honest and informed opinion about any related matters and encourage our clients to return for regular check ups so we can monitor the progress of healing. See our after care page for details.

If you’d like to get in touch prior to your visit to discuss your requirements then please call us on 0122 776 0777 or email info@777bodypiercing.co.uk

Male Piercings, nipples, flesh tunnels